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LEGO is a line of construction toys manufactured by the LEGO Group in Denmark. It is not just selling a different set of building blocks and construction have also entered into online gaming and your children can play various games in categories action, adventure, strategy and kindergarten. The best sellers and most beloved games include LEGO Minotaur Creationary, pirate code, Ramses Pyramid and the Lava Dragon. Renowned for its toys and games, has won numerous awards Excellence, some of them are in the 2010 Practical Pre-school prizes and other toys have been awarded the Canadian Council of Toy Test. Since it began producing plastic bricks, Lego Group has released thousands of games with a wide range of topics, including the towns and cities, space, robots, pirates, train, vikings, castles, dinosaurs, undersea exploration and the Wild West. It sells its products through stores and online. Customers are very satisfied with the delivery and packaging of products, and in rare cases is that any product has been damaged by delivery to a customer.

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